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About Me

Ethan Jerufi (also known as Itay Jerufi) – is a versatile music producer, singer, and songwriter, originally from Israel.


Ethan's musical journey began early, as he lent his voice to various Israeli TV shows, commercials, movies, and DVDs during his childhood. He discovered his fascination with music creation at just 10 years old, when he started writing and recording music in his home studio.


His formal music education took place at the Conservatory of Music in his hometown of Petah-Tikwa, where he dedicated 12 years to studying voice and music theory. During this period, he was a soloist in the internationally recognized Cantabile Choir.

In 2014, Ethan toured Israel with his band, performing his original compositions. Simultaneously, he pursued his passion for Music Production at the Rimon School of Music and later continued his studies at Berklee School of Music in 2016, specializing in Music Production and Sound Engineering.


Ethan is also a self-taught piano and guitar player, adding depth to his musical repertoire. His journey is a testament to his enduring commitment to the craft of music.


Stay tuned as he continues to explore and share his musical talents.

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